Kalibo International Airport

KLO - Kalibo International Airport

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  1. Makato45 says:

    Good comment! By the way, Kalibo “International” ist one of the only airports worldwide, where there is no, absolutely no information available, as far as flight information for arrving planes is concerned. If you expect visitors you are at a loss. There is no waiting area provided for them. A lot of Security Guards and Airport Officials are standing idle around – most of them not fluent in English (after all, we are an “International” Airport, aren’t we?) – not one of them is able to provide any flight information at all.

    It seems that now another new project is being startet: http://aklanforum.blogspot.com/2014/05/dotc-p6-billion-projects-for-kalibo.html
    Let’s hope, that this huge amount is going to be well spent and that maybe the planners would go and gather expertise before they go ahead.

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