Caticlan Airport Development Project

Caticlan Airport (MPH / RPVE) will become an International Airport!

The government and private corporations had launched an ambitious extension project for Godofredo P. Ramos Airport in Caticlan, Malay, on the northern tip of Panay Island. This airport is better known as Boracay airport.

The project in brief:
The project was endorsed by RDC VI in 08 February 2008.

Phase 1A (2010-2011):
(1) Upgrading of existing terminal with 2nd level as additional area
(2) Upgrading airport facilities e.g. Fire Station, Perimeter Fence, Navigational Aids
(3) Reducing slope of adjacent hill to 4 degrees 

Phase 1B (2011-2014):
(1) Extension of the runway from 1km to 1.95km
(2) Construction of landside facilities to include a new terminal building
(3) Installation of navigational and air traffic control aids

Phase 2 (2015-2016):
Further extension of runway towards the sea
Turnover of Caticlan Airport to ROP at end of 25 year-Concession Period

How it will look, once phase 2 is accomplished:

Caticlan Airport Phase-2

Click on the picture to enlarge

If you like Boracay, then you should visit the island soon. After the new airport will become operational, Boracay will soon look like  Koh Samui in Thailand! Koh Samui had once been a paradise like Boracay Bye





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2 Responses

  1. Juerg Weber says:

    There are rumours, that there is a project to develop the whole peninsula (Caticlan/Buruanga/Libertad/Pandan). As a matter of fact, the road from Pandan via Libertad to the border of Aklan has almost been finished. In such a light, it could make sense to improve Caticlan Airport. If there are no action taken, to ease the pressure on Boracay, then I agree, that this once beautiful island shall be doomed.

  2. waebi says:

    Wouldn’t it be a better solution to extend and improve Kalibo airport instead of Caticlan?
    The runway could be extended in both directions and with the rest of the money they could improve the road from Kalibo to Caticlan.

    In my opinion the Caticlan project is as wrong as the Panglao airport project.

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