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Euronews - Thrills in a tropical paradise

Euronews, Europe’s 24 hours news channel, broadcasts a series of short documentaries: “Philippine Life”. Each on-line available movie lasts for about 5 minutes.

The first video was titled “Manila: the Melting Pot“. The second one’s title is “Thrills in a tropical paradise” and features our friend and partner Simone.

Euronews - Thrills in a tropical paradise

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Photo: Screenshot from Euronews

It’s one of the most exciting times of year in Boracay. Hundreds of paddlers from all over the world are here to take part in the International Dragon Boat Festival. It’s the seventh time the island is hosting the event. The teams compete for glory in the crystal clear waters at White Beach.

The hard work has paid off. Simone’s team wins several medals. It’s time for celebrating for team members, who have gone through thick and thin together.

“We are more like a family,” Simone tells us. “We stick together and that makes life on Boracay even more beautiful.”

The 46-year old, who’s originally from Hamburg, moved to Boracay 12 years ago. Back then, the island was a more quiet place than today. Located just 300 kilometres south of Manila, Boracay is only 10 kilometres square. Until the Seventies, the island was home to just a few small fishing villages. Then, backpackers discovered its beauty and it soon became one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

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