Camiguin to Mindanao – Benoni to Balingoan reduced Ferry Service

Camiguin - Mindanao

Camiguin to Mindanao and vice-versa has now very limited ferry service. On March 11, the local government of Camiguin decided that the so-called “Roro” vessels plying the Camiguin-Balingoan route would no longer be allowed to operate unless the owners could provide septic tanks in the vessels. Read here.

From March 23, 2013 only 3 ferries operate

Announcement to all passengers please be informed that starting today March 23, 2019
Only 3 vessels/ferries will do run from their permanent schedule for others are still complying for the requirement they need to have.. PPS (Prevention of Pollution from Sewage) because every vessel needs to have Sewage Tank.
Further notice will be posted. (Source: FB Benoni Port Update)

Camiguin to Mindanao - Benoni to Balingoan reduced Ferry Service

(Source: FB Benoni Port Update)

And where does the content of the septic tanks go?

Sorry for this not so trivial question. I travel rather often from Camiguin to Mindanao and back. I’ve never seen a sewage pump or a sewage tank truck in neither of these ports. Maybe now they are there.

Where are the sewage treatment plants in Benoni and in Balingoan. I never have seen one neither on our island nor over in Mindanao. Such a plant should be visible on Google Earth. But even after hours I haven’t found one. Can somebody give me a hint?

Camiguin to Mindanao a possible Sewage plant
A small sewage plant with circular basin in Switzerland.
Camiguin to Mindanao a possible sewage plant

A medium sewage plant with rectangular basins in India.

These ferries are not allowed to sail for now

MV Doña Pepita
MV Doña Pepita
MV Kalinaw
MV Kalinaw
MV Yuhum
MV Yuhum
MV Hijos
and the little MV Hijos

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2 Responses

  1. Jarno says:

    having a sewage water tank in the vessel is one thing. Its a good thing.
    But without sewage water treatment plants its not really effective.

    Dumping the shit into the sea at the port is probably what most captains do…

    its more fun in the philippines.

    but not that funny for the nature and environment of the philippines

    • waebi says:

      You are so right.
      Years ago, when the weekend ferry from Cebu to Camiguin still existed, I saw the crew throwing all the waist in the sea at 4 AM, in the dark.
      After I published my article, some people informed me about sewage pump-trucks. But nobody could tell me where they empty the trucks.
      In my former language (French, btw), we called this EPM – Et puis, merde!
      Thanks for your feedback, you are always welcome.
      Cheers, waebi

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