Aicraft Crash in Camiguin – update2

Aircraft Crash in Camiguin


The plane approached Camiguin airport too low and too much right of the path.

Aircraft Crash in Camiguin

Normal approach of RWY 07 in Camiguin. The photo had been taken 12 months ago from the sister-airplane RP-C208 flying from Cebu to Camiguin. The position below corresponds to the crash position minus 2 seconds.

Aircraft Crash in Camiguin

Photo of the crash site taken during last year’s flight with  RP-C208 at normal approach altitude.

Aircraft Crash in Camiguin

The crash site: The left wing decapitated a coconut tree, but did not touch any of the other surrounding trees. The left wing is completely destroyed. The right wing still shows full landing configuration (flaps full down).

Camiguin Aircraft Crash

We are now waiting for more and official information. Stay tuned…

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9 Responses

  1. randy says:

    It was own and operated by aviatours, Piloted by Instructor Pilot and Indonesian Student for some reason 5 people on board which normally C172 can carry only up to 4 person, Weather maybe a factor it was bad weather today I speak with Midsea express Pilot and he say it was IFR in Camiguin airport, base on the pictures he is in very low app maybe around 200 feet mabe the pilot decide fly low to see the airport since they were flying VFR after a strong rains expect a down draft or mountain fog (strong winds) , the question is why they push it to fly ?? which they can wait till the weather is cleared. I speak with Avaitours they say it was chartered by the Broker/ Agent and rates was double
    Qeustion is why they fly with aviatours instead they can fly with Midseaexpress and in fact MSE and Avaitours are in good terms as far as I know they are good friends …feel so sorry about this.. next will be the Investigation of CAAP this will be a pain the a…..s

    • hi randy,

      really devastating. upon my inquiry with MSE, the flight was fully booked so they took a charter flight.

      just a clarification. is camiguin really IFR cuz there are no nav aids there.

      tks …

      • randy says:

        Theres no nav aids for Camguin airport, the weather is IFR according to Pilots of MSE before they took off what I heard is the MSE is heading back ,the Cessn took off from Cebu The MSE pilot decided to take off asap before the airport is close for IFR.. The rumors from the Genav termin say the Passengers refuse to ride a smaller airplane they say they pay for the twin seneca a little bit bigger than cessna with twin engine but unfortunately they put the pax in Cessna for some reason, Aviatours need to stop to do that a klind of operation like putting student while doing commercial operations and that was illegal what we are seeing is they lucky if they will not (CAAP) stop their operation, they need to separate the flight school and commercial sides Im looking for a big penalty here ….too bad

        • parvez says:

          i agree to the fact tht ur telling randy, i think this school needs a big penalty bcoz they put all the students for commercial opperations just 2 double the money

    • genav says:

      Who are these broker or agent Im from the Genav we need to kick this people out of gen av , are these borkers work with Aviatours or independent Brokers thats one reason why charter rate goes up like a rocket ship! the brokers are responsible for this accident they should!…!

      • the insider says:

        The brokers are EX- MSE marketing agent who are working now with Aviatours hehehe only 5 steps away from MSE , what we heard here inside the daughter of the owner of Aviatours really think that they will help aviatours doing marketing they are wrong what i heard is this guy used to work with MSE is a crook , for some reason hes no longer working with MSE is i dont have any idea we need to ask MSE what really happen why he is not working with them anymore. stay away woth this brokers seems like they will put your business in trouble.

        • waebi says:

          Are you speaking of G.G.O… from airislandtours?

          • the insider says:

            Im not sure but hes all over the genav area all the times, we need to call the APD to kick him out since that hes not involve with any company inside genav… hey MSE say something here..!

  2. waebi says:

    The approach to RPMH is full VFR. There are no other visual aids than a windsock.
    Nearest navaids are Butuan VOR-DME, Cagayan De Oro VOR-DME, Surigao NDB.

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