Camiguin Weather – #3 – HAGUPIT/Ruby

Agoho, Camiguin

Again good news from Camiguin. The ferries between Benoni and Balingoan are sailing now. The first ferry left Balingoan at 3.15 p.m. Next ferry is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Thanks Kalen for the update. Weather hasn’t changed much in Camiguin. Still grey and a very light breeze. No rain.

The general situation

Agoho, Camiguin

The general weather situation hasn’t changed much. The typhoon forecast tracks are now nearly on one line. Please see next post.

Camiguin Weather – overview

Agoho, Camiguin

Comment: Quiet!

Camiguin Weather – wind speed

Agoho, Camiguin

Just a slight breeze from the sea. Some weak gusts.

Camiguin Weather –  atmospheric pressure

Agoho, Camiguin

The pressure is now quickly decreasing. that’s normal when a typhoon is passing by. To compare: We do still have 1004 hPa. In the center of the typhoon the pressure is 925 hPa.

 Next Camiguin Weather update only if something is really changing.


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