What a wonderful day – stay cool in Camiguin

Sunset in Agoho

What a wonderful day – stay cool and enjoy the beaches. For a week now weather is being outstanding – at least here in Camiguin. We enjoy hot and sunny days and cool, almost fresh nights.

Hot days and cool nights

Camiguin: Hot days and coll nights

This is really perfect weather. The days are hot, even very hot. It’s summertime in the Philippines. And the nights are refreshingly cool. Last night’s minimum had been 23.3°C at sea level. This is due to the warming up of the sea water. In the night, local low pressure areas build up over the sea. This forces air flowing down from the mountains. Air temperature on Mount Hibok-Hibok is around 10°C at 4:00 a.m. This air makes our nights fresh.

Please note that the 34.5°C peak is due to the position of our thermometer. It is under the top roof in the shadow. But the roof is made of concrete and accumulates the heath. On the veranda we only measure 32.2°C at 1:30 p.m.

Weather Outlook for Agoho (Camiguin)

Camiguin: Hot days and coll nights

No comment needed! We’ll enjoy a sunny and warm weekend. Cheers  😎


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