CAMTECO – no Internet for 4 days already


CAMTECO is the local telephone and internet service provider of Camiguin island. Their interpretation of the word “broadband” is very strange. And now we do not have access to the internet already for 4 days.

How can we patronize a communication company that is unable to communicate and to maintain its network? For four (4) days they repeat that there is a problem in their uplink to PLDT, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. Depending on who is on the phone at CAMTECO, we also get the information that a fibre link to PLDT is damaged.

4 days to track a problem but not resolving it? They write about themselves:

Mission – To establish an advanced communication and information services in the province and mainland Mindanao franchise area with responsive and quality customer’s service in order to capture a large market share through sustainable partnership with government institutions and private sectors.

Vision – CAMTECO will be the major provider of advance and affordable communication and information services in Camiguin Province and in the mainland Mindanao franchise area with a competitive market share contributing to the province’s progress and development thus improving the economic well-being of its people.

The truth – You cannot rely on CAMTECO!


  1. Can you trust a telco firm that hosts its own website abroad instead of their own network? is hosted in Orlando, sunny Florida.
  2. Why is there no redundancy or backup link?
  3. Why does CAMTECO call their steam machine network a broadband network? Their broadband definition is from 1985 (1.5 to 2 Mbit/s). 2015’s broadband definition is means 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload!

Ask questions yourselves. Here are the contact informations of CAMTECO:

CAMTECO Bldg., Balbagon,
9100 Mambajao, Camiguin, Phils.
tel.# : +63.88.3871000
fax.#: +63.88.3871009
from your CAMTECO landline phone dial the following nos. for assistance:
173 – telephone problem
175 – internet problem
114 – directory assistance


This article reaches the world over SMARTbro! (25/5 kbit/s)  😥


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4 Responses

  1. waebi says:

    UPDATE: About an hour after publishing above article, the internet connection was back. May I have shouted too loud?

  2. Chris McCulloch says:

    Hello again, sorry for bumping up an old article but I wonder if I can ask some questions about Camteco?
    1. Are they any better these days with regards to speed? in comparison to Globe or Smart pocket wifi internet?
    2. What is the rough cost of the service from Camteco?

    • waebi says:

      It’s always good to dig out old articles, especially when they are still valid!
      We didn’t have anymore a 4 days interruption. But speed is extremely variable.
      This goes from 0 bps up to sometimes 3 Mbps. Average is around 300 – 400 kbps.
      Costs are still the same:
      CAMTECO PHP 1200 per month
      Pocket WiFi GLOBE 3G PHP 990 per month
      Pocket WiFi GLOBE 4G+ is only available in Mambajao. Different price plans.
      Pocket WiFi SMART 3G PHP 990 per month

      Cheers, waebi
      None of the 3 works without interruptions.
      None guarantees a minimum bandwidth.

      Fortunately one can often jump to another one, which is better at the very moment.

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