Camiguin Telecom back to the Quality of 1994?

Camiguin Telecom

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  1. Chris McCulloch says:

    Ah yes, the old internal speedtest trick.

    I have noticed recently that Globe home internet services have become far better in Camiguin, when we were staying at Mountain View, we regularly had speeds in excess of 5Mbps (tested) and some of my friends who reside on the island are also receiving speeds around that mark.
    The issue is that not everywhere on the island can get that yet, who knows how long it will take Globe to increase their coverage, both Globe and Smart seem far too focused on the mobile market where they can sell easily data for extortionate prices.

  2. Hi, I appreciate for the recognition of my effort in the Camiguin Telecommunication Project. Actually, I saw this post last year. I should have posted an answer to this post because those above updates were really my activities to help CAMTECO back to it’s former glory. However, political forces came into play when the Chairman of the Board, a pioneer in the Project in 1990s, resigned. The neophyte Chairperson who admittedly said “I need your help to familiarize myself because I’m not familiar”. However, she turned 180-degrees in May. She submitted a Position Paper recommending turning over the telephone network to the provincial government and she blocks the Recovery Plan which include the following: Seeking Technical Assistance from PLDT to re-engineer/re-design CAMTECO’s poorly-designed Internet system (raised with PLDT/Smart in Davao City) so that CAMTECO can offer PLDT-like Internet quality at reasonable cost, restoration of telephone service in Tupsan, Guinsiliban, Sagay and Lawigan areas, setting up a Internet-based Telephone System which will eventually replace the legacy telephone exchange, putting up CAMTECO’s local cellphone network, and many more.). I submitted a Rebuttal Paper which I intend reach the coop members. However, it seems the members already lost interest. So, everything ceased. At present, I’m working on a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application by myself. This has a nationwide market which could benefit CAMTECO. Finally, the blog Camiguin Connections is my personal blog. It’s not connected with CAMTECO – no financial nor annual report.

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