Crazy Saturday or “Walang problema!”

This Saturday had been so crazy I first thought it were Friday 13.
No – don’t adjust your clock. It’s Saturday, January 19 in the year 2013.

2013 ? Don't know

Everything started as usual this morning. I got out of the so tender bed at 05:30 a.m. (Yes, that’s normal here, because we go to bed around 08:00 p.m. We are living with the natural light and a bit more …)
But when I wanted to make a coffee, the coffee-machine stayed silent. BROWN-OUT. For those who know me: A morning without coffee is not a morning, is not a day, it’s a strict no-go! Vava 

So we started working as usual, but the workers needed power and I needed a coffee.
Needing power and a coffee during a  BROWN-OUT means starting the generator.

Walang problema!

The generator started as it and I are used to – a key-turn and power is back.
I love my generator in this small world where electricity is still a gift.
The generator ran. So I went back to my coffee-machine. It made a good Italian espresso. Applause

Walang problema!

But then one of the workers came and informed me about generator problems.

And yes, the generator had a serious problem – it leaked fuel.
“NO SMOKING GUYS”, I shouted. Explosions are only funny on Discovery Channel.

We then stopped the sick engine and investigated. Fuel spilled between the carburetor and the cylinder-cover. Where exactly, we could not see. It’s still been too dark in the morning.

Just at this moment my neighbor dropped in and told me, that his generator had a problem. Funny, I thought. We are without electrical juice and you have also a generator problem.

Their generator had encountered an overload problem. The line-breaker looked like a melting-pot – gone forever. Hmm, find such a breaker on a small island in the middle of the Bohol Sea.

But that had only been the beginning Hair
Walang problema!

While we were investigating our generator’s fueling problem, we suddenly heard a crashing sound and then somebody shouting. 

Running in direction of the sound, we found our electrician, Paul, under the debris of a temporary scaffolding. Fortunately Paul smiled. Well, Filipinos always smile. But Paul had been OK. A twelve feet scaffolding had crashed with Paul on the top. Fortunately we had no power. It had been only a gravitational shock and not an electrical one.

Walang problema!

“Electric Paul” had fortunately not been injured. Power came back a bit out of Voltage (just 300 Volts to start). But everything seemed fine. The generators will go back to GOLD TOWN in Cagayan de Oro next week. We’ll test their warranty promises. 

Walang problema!

While we disscussed Cagayan de Oro trip, the boatman of the “Lady Julia”, the dive-boat of our neighbors, came in rowing with his arms. The “Lady Julia” again got damaged by the high Amihan-waves. It seems to be a repairable problem.

Walang problema!

Now we have electricity. 
Our generators are still down.
The dive-boat is still leaking.
But meanwhile it’s Saturday night… 

Walang problema!

I hope, you have and had a nice Saturday.


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