Du30 – a hashtag runs elections – and a presumptive president

DU30 - 2016 Philippines Elections

Du30 – and I wondered about the Tagalog spelling of “Thirty” – DUTIRTI. It isn’t Tagalog, it’s Visayan and Cebuano. Let’s talk about culture – we do not discuss politics.

Foreigners encounter some problems in the Philippines, when Pinoys and Pinays are speaking presumed English language. My own major three problems had been sex, time, consonants and sometimes vowels.  I tried many interpretations of “Du30”, but I could not find. 2dirty? – of course not, watch your pronunciation!. I am hard in politics of my home country, but I do not get involved in politics of my host country.

Sex and gender?

Tagalog, like other Austronesian languages, Tagalog is gender-neutral; pronouns do not even have specific genders. However, because Tagalog has had over three centuries of Spanish influence, gender is usually differentiated in certain Spanish loanwords by way of the suffixes – example: Filipino/Filipina or Pinoy/Pinay. It’s always funny when people around me mix up he and she.
A funny problem happens here in Camiguin where the positions of governor and mayor of the capital changed. He or she – anyway they still sleep in the same bed. I presume …


Filipinos and Filipinas live in the presence and here. “Gestalt” philosophers might be very happy. But talking to local people about ferry connections can be very challenging. Did the ferry already leave or will it leave. When? Tomorrow maybe. Sometimes I have the feeling that time does not exist for Filipinos/Filipinas. They might be right. Since Einstein, time is just another dimension. Today’s astrophysics and particle physics and quantum mechanics are questioning the existence of time. I like the Philippine expression of next year maybe for never.

Consonants and Vowels

P, B, V and F? Same thing! Philippines, Pilipino or Filipinos are the same. Visa and Bisa – are the needed approvals to enter the country. Visaya or Bisaya are the language spoken by the majority of the country. Tagalog had been a political decision many years ago. The E and I enjoy a funny mix up since the Yankees were here. Listen to de Ifugao up in the cordilleras, they pronounces vowels you’ve never heard before. Duterte = Dutirti? Not too far for the Ifugaos…

Du30 ?

I think with this brief introduction into sex, time and pronunciation, you can understand DU30? Can you?

Presumptive President

When you check Wikipedia, for “Presumptive President“, you find a lot about US elections gossip and “presumptive nominee”. Presumptive President is an invention of the Philippine Mainstream Press. Trump and Clinton might learn a lot from the Philippines … will they do?


I am looking curiously forward to the official result, next month maybe 🙄
I became too much Pilipino alike – will it be the past or the future?


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