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Diver's Log 0

The Diver’s Log

The Diver’s Log is a log-book where every diver notes technical data and observations of each dive. I got mine yesterday!  This little story wouldn’t be worth to be written if the book weren’t so...

Camiguin Map 0

Camiguin moves ahead

It’s been 10 days of fiesta in Mambajao, the capital of Camiguin Island and Province. There had been a lot of amusement, a lot of sports, a lot of beautiful girls and a lot...

Camiguin Action Geckos 0

Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice 2013

Hotel ratings are always very subjective and depend on your personal mood at the moment when you enter a hotel and the memories you brought home from your journey. Hotel ratings also depend on...

Shorelines in Agoho, Camiguin 0

Dangerous Habagat !

Habagat is the usually gently blowing south-west monsoon. This wind is blowing from June through October.  Here in Camiguin we like the Habagat season. There is sunny weather and a breeze from the sea...

Flying Geckos before Take-off 0

Flying Geckos in Camiguin

The Camiguin Action Geckos  are now flying. Today our friends and neighbors discovered again the 3rd dimension. Usually they can be found (-3D) below sea-level but today they were flying (+3D) many feet above...

Philippines Freedive 2012 1

Free-diving in Camiguin

Free-diving is diving down without the use of heavy scuba equipment. Just by holding your breath. With special training and preparation nearly everybody can learn how to hold his breath. And it doesn’t take long....

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