Challenging but quiet Hibok-Hibok Volcano

Hibok-Hibok Volcano

Yesterday our guests Simone and Stephan hiked up on Hibok-Hibok volcano. They were lucky because they had one of the best guides available: Heinz Althuser. Heinz, a part time Swiss expat, knows Mount Hibok-Hibok better than many indigenous guides. Heinz often sleeps in the crater, so he has the crispy clean air and cloud-free morning hours for viewing.

Hibok-Hibok Volcano

Stephan in the bush on the slopes of Hibok-Hibok volcano.

Without a guide, you will not be able to find the trail and risk to get lost somewhere uphill.

Hibok-Hibok volcano's crater lake

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Yesterday the crater lake of Hibok-Hibok volcano had been nearly empty. There had been no significant rains for over a month and the sun burns on Camiguin island.

Hibok-Hibok volcano: The crater lake

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Although PHIVOLCS confirms the dormant status of Hibok-Hibok volcano, it is always useful to have a visual inspection on-site. Yesterday’s visual control showed absolutely no steam and sulfur clouds coming out of the rocks. We also found that the waters of Ardent Hot-Spring, which are heated up by Hibok-Hibok volcano, are not so warm than in the years before. Now they measure only 36 to 37°C instead of 40°C a year ago.

Hibok-Hibok Volcano seen from Agoho

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Unfortunately Mount Hibok-Hibok did hide in the clouds during the whole morning. I took this picture from the roof of the “Silent Gardens” office around 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. By this time Simone, Stephan and Heinz wer nearly back from their trip.

All photos are copyright © by Simone Bartmann.

Read more about Hibok-Hibok volcano Link

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