How is my driving ?

CAAP-LTFRB How is my driving?

CAAP-LTFRB How is my driving? CAAP has not yet printed their own stickers. So they asked their friends from LTFRB to give them a hand full of their stickers.

As an immediate action following the plowing adventure of a SEAIR (Tiger Air) A320 in Kalibo (KLO), all aircraft must now have this sticker put on the captain’s side of the fuselage.


The stickers are only valid during ground operation. ROFL

Our thanks for the idea go to Lo Svevo 

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  1. Juerg Weber says:

    According to a coment in the Aviation Herald, it seems that the A320 is difficult to steer under wet conditions and when the plane is not heavily loaded (50 pax only) :

    lightly loaded plus wet runway = poor nosewheel steering…..what’s next….they will claim brake failure???? I have taxied many completely empty airplanes for maintenance purposes, and a320 / a330 are the worst IMO to taxi….steer by wire = no feedback. You got to feel / maybe hear the skid (you should feel it) to identify it. Very tricky on wet conditions those airplanes when light.

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