Concrete Madness in Camiguin

Tuasan Falls Camiguin

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  1. Chem says:

    My Dutch bf and I visited Tuasan Falls last year. We were so furious upon discovering the destroyed mountains and the waterfalls itself. He took a lot of photos as the place at the time was under construction. ([Ed.]:Part removed because it contains a political statement. Silent Gardens isn’t political).

  2. Rhondanita Navarro says:

    It is sad to know what is happening in the Paradise Island of Camiguin right now. I do hope and pray that the current government realized that true progress is based on the livelihood and living condition of it´s citizens and not based on cementing the whole island of Camiguin, hehehe.

  3. Cris says:

    They are not stupid. They knew about the landslides but road projects are way better than improving dilapidated school buildings. Silly question: what makes more?

  4. Arno says:

    We walked from Tuasan to Itum (and then all the way down to Saai) the other day and they haven’t thought a out this road anyway. Apart from landslides along the whole way this road is way, WAY too steep to accommodate anything else than aircon vans and motorbikes. Trucks, tricycles, jeepneys and probably even multicabs will not be able to climb this road.
    The last kilometer or so, which is still undone, funnels into a very narrow path along side the mountain. If they want to make the road up there as wide as the rest, they will have to explode parts of the mountain, which will create a super unstable wall which will also most likely cause landslide after landslide.

    It seems that they really haven’t properly thought of this…?

  5. Leticia Quiblat Gonsette says:

    I just quote this from one of the big channels in TV and it says” Nature does not need us. We need nature.
    If they are harming the nature in Camiguin, the worst is still to come.

  6. ELVI B QUIBLAT says:

    It’s too late now. What is done cannot be undone. This is the legacy we will remember from the present administration who have been there for over a quarter of a century.

  7. Cherry Woolhandler says:

    So sad!

  8. Cherry Woolhandler says:

    Tinkering with nature is okay as long as it is done right with preservation in mind and will be of help to the people, economically. But for a lousily done jobs that can only further entail

  9. Richard says:

    It is very sad, to see this unfortunate Change of the paradise camiguin!

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