Laguindingan airport: They play the international game now – haha

New Cagayan de Oro Airport

Philippine Airlines LANDING ANNOUNCEMENT in Laguindingan airport:

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: WE have just landed at the Laguindingan International Airport and we are now taxiing to the LIA Terminal . Welcome to Misamis Oriental! FOR your safety, please remain seated with your seat-belts fastened until the fasten seat-belt sign has been switched off. Please do not remove your carry-on baggage until the aircraft has come to a full stop. At this time, communication is still ongoing between the flight deck and the control tower. For this, may we request our passengers to please refrain from using your cellphones until after you have disembarked. Before deplaning, however, may we remind you to check your seating area for any items you might leave on board. ON behalf of Philippine Airlines, Captain Fed Bartolome, First Officer Larry Pine, this has been Charmie, together with Rommel, Jeremy and Christine, thanking you for flying with us. It was indeed a pleasure to have you on board and we hope to see you again soon on one of your future flights. Thank you for flying Philippine Airlines – Mabuhay!

That’s nice, that’s Pinoy, I like it – but then:

AND for passengers with immediate connecting flights to international and regional destinations via Philippine Airlines, please proceed to the Transfer Desk at the Arrival Area for assistance and information regarding your onward connecting flight. ONCE again, from “Asia’s First, Asia’s Sunniest: Philippine Airlines”, thank you and we welcome you to Laguindingan Misamis Oriental!”

That’s rather a bad joke!
1. Philippine Airlines (PAL) does fly nowhere else than Manila from  Laguindingan airport. Do you want to fly back immediately?
2. Laguindingan airport is not yet international. An internal paper from CAAP signed by Jose T. Briones clearly states that Laguindingan is still a “principal class 1 airport”.

It’s still more fun in the Philippines (if there were no thieves called taxi drivers Hair)

New Cagayan de Oro Airport


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