Taxis – Nationwide Lower Taxi Tariffs

New Taxi Tariffs

Taxis – Nationwide Lower Taxi Tariffs. Taxis will have new fares effective on March 19, 2016. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has announced nationwide lower tariifs.

The lowered rates will be implemented nationwide, except for cabs in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). The big drop in oil prices was the board’s major consideration for the new rates. LTFRB simulated the new rates from its headquarters to Ayala and back. With a total distance of 10.5 kilometers, the meter showed a net reduction of P25. LTFRB laid out the taxi calibration schedules by plate ending to accommodate 25,000 cabs in Metro Manila.

The operators will shoulder the cost of the calibration and will bring the taxis to the resealing areas of LTFRB in Tanay, Rizal and Manila. Those who will fail to have their meters calibrated will be fined PHP 5,000. Road test area will also be in place to check if a calibrated meter works. Even without meter calibration, flag-down reduction rates of ten pesos will be effective on March 19.

Changed tariffs are marked red in the tables below.

Airport Taxis

 Current rates  New rates from 03/16/2016
 Flag down  PHP 70  PHP 60
 1st distance  PHP 4.00 (first 500m)  PHP 4.00 (first 500m)
 Succeding distance  PHP 4.00 for 300m  PHP 4.00 for 500m
 Waiting time  PHP 4,00 for 120 sec.  PHP 4.00 for 90 sec.

Ordinary Taxis

 Current rates  New rates from 03/16/2016
 Flag down  PHP 40  PHP 30
 1st distance  PHP 3.50 (first 300m)  PHP 3.50 (first 500m)
 Succeding distance  PHP 3.50 for 300m  PHP 3.50 for 500m
 Waiting time  PHP 3.50 for 120 sec.  PHP 3.50 for 90 sec.

Cordillera Taxis

 Current rates  New rates from 03/16/2016
 Flag down  PHP 35  PHP 30
 Distance  PHP 2.00 for 200m  PHP 2.00 for 400m
 Waiting time  PHP 2.00 for 90 sec.  PHP 2.00 for 60 sec.

[Editor’s comment:] In our world it’s always nice to learn that something is getting cheaper. But someone has to pay for it. The taxi operators won’t accept to earn less. It will again be the drivers who will be at the bad end. And there will be a worst end: the tourists! Travel portals worldwide warn of Manila’s taxi drivers’ tariff immaginations. It’s more fun, isn’t it?

Is it really a reduction because of the petrol prices? While the tariffs for driving are going down, but tariffs for waiting are going up. Isn’t this a sign that our roads get more and more congested? That taxi drivers rather stick in traffic jams than moving their passengers to their destination? 

“Even without meter calibration, flag-down reduction rates of ten pesos will be effective on March 19.” Humble question: How?

Anyway LTFRB and LTO will need years to implement the new tariffs. Or have you already received your new license plates you already payed for a year ago?



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