Mass-wedding: 284 times YESSSSSSSSS !

Mass Wedding

It is fiesta time in Mambajao the capital of Camiguin Island. The 156th fiesta already. Among lots of other activities during the whole week, a mass-wedding has been celebrated this morning in San Nicolas de Tolentino church.

142 couples chose this ceremony to say YES to their marriage.


Mass Wedding
The church had been decorated for this most important day

Mass Wedding
142 brides and 142 grooms in the church quietly waiting for their blessing

Mass Wedding
You needn’t be the youngest to get married.

Mass Wedding
The daughter of our construction craftsman Junior with her new husband

Mass Wedding
And the daughter of our carpenter Maxwell also with her new husband.

The Silent Gardens Team congratulates and sends the warmest regards to all the new families. {#flower}{#flower}{#flower}

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