Tropical Storm MAYSAK

Tropical Storm MAYSAK

Tropical Storm MAYSAK is developing over Micronesia. The storm is increasing and moves west to northwest at a forward speed of 15 km/h.

Tropical Storm MAYSAK is still far away from the Philippines, about 3180 km east of Mindanao. It’s current position is 7.8° North and 155.2° East. JMA, the Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that the storm will move faster and increase in strength. With a forward speed of 25 km/h this Tropical Storm should arrive on the coasts of the Philippine islands within 5 days, meaning  Thursday, April 2.

Tropical Storm MAYSAK

Central pressure of this low pressure system will continuously decrease. Form today’s 998 hPa to 955 hPa on Tuesday. By this time  Tropical Storm MAYSAK will reach typhoon strength.

We keep an eye on this cyclone and will report its development at least once per day.

Animated Weather Satellite images are here.


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