New hyperbaric chamber in Cebu

Hyperbaric Chamber

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  1. Jennifer Wee says:

    Will your therapy helps an ashma patients? How much will it cost? How many sessions? Is it one time only?

  2. waebi says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Please contact
    A Soriano Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu

    Cheers, waebi

  3. Rey tacder says:

    Is this treatment advisable for COPD PATIENT? Tks

  4. Rose says:

    How much its cost for multiple schlorosis disease?

  5. Rose marie says:

    Tbis machine can use for a person have multiple sclerosis disease?

  6. ESACAR V AGBAY JR says:

    Hello people,

    Most of the questions are clinical application of HBOT. I think Tieza chambers cater more with DCI problems – diving emergencies.

    I am offering seminars and training in Hyperbaric and Dive Medicine where your questions will be answered. Hyperbaric Chamber Operator’s training is also provided for individuals interested to work in the chambers.

    Please contact me for training or guidance if there is a dive emergency in the field.


    US Certified Hyperbaric Technologist
    Senior Hyperbaric Chamber Operator
    cp# 09513136170

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