PhilPost is cleaning up


PhilPost or PhlPost seems to be cleaning up. A week ago a new postman came over to our house and brought some mail. He also told us that there was some more mail in our P.O. box. This Post Office Box hadn’t been serviced for years.

Today we went to our office of PhilPost  in Mambajao. I went to the P.O. box and Butch went to the counter. The box was full, no crammed full. Then I went over to the counter and was astonished to see a clean office. In past times there had been a room stuffed with anything and a lot of full post bags. The new post master informed us that they did clean up and that all mail had already been delivered.

When I checked my mail, I found this. Authentic pictures taken this afternoon.

Termites love PhilPost

Termites love PhilPost Termites love PhilPost

These letters, among others, had stayed at the post office for almost 2 years. The termites seemed to violate the postal secret and opened my mail. On the other hand they did not like the plastic cards from my preferred airline. Anyway, these cards had already expired on 12/31/2013.

It seems that PhilPost or at least the new post master of PhilPost in Mambajao, Camiguin wants to re-activate the once good reputation of PhilPost.

PhilPost:  You send – We deliver – They eat.  😉



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