Pilipinas – Kay Ganda!

Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Pilipinas – Kay Ganda! Kay Ganda?  Do you understand?

Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Unfortunately the logo of the new DOT* campaign destroys immediately the curiosity of the reader and gives the translation for free. Lots of interested people would have wondered about “Kay Ganda”, would have done some on-line research and would have learned more about the Philippines. A lost chance!

*: DOT = Department Of Tourism

On the other hand the new logo and the new slogan are much better than the old WOW! Philippines. Everybody in the world uses this Yankee expression: WOW!

But only Pinoys know “Kay ganda!” This makes it unique – this makes it true.

The big problem is the amateurism of the DOT:

1) On Monday, the Department of Tourism (DOT) introduced its “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” (Philippines So Beautiful) campaign, but the slogan and its accompanying website (beautifulpilipinas.com) were both met with heavy criticism online. By Tuesday morning, barely a day after it was launched, the website was taken down for an overhaul. And even not one good welcome page – but an awful DNS Error:


2) And the official DOT website is crippled by a java-bug:DOT

If you do something – do it right!

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  1. November 29, 2011

    […] November last year? The Dot launched their worst campaign: Pilipinas – Kay Ganda ! (see also here  […]

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