Seaglass from Camiguin – a creative and working business idea

Seaglass Hearth

Seaglass – glass washed, shaped and polished by the sea. Waste recycled and transformed into really beautiful necklace pendants and rings.

A bottle or any other glass product intentionally thrown or fallen by mishap in the sea or the beach is a dangerous object because of the sharp edges. Glass shards in the sand are a real danger for your feet. But just this sand and the sea waves transform these shards into wonderful objects.

Seaglass can only be found on particular beaches. Sandy beaches as well as rocky beaches are not their preferred places. Sorry I do not give away the secret of the perfect Seaglass beach. Think!

Seaglass from Camiguin

Seaglass from Camiguin Photos courtesy of Sea Glass Camiguin

The idea isn’t new and all you need is glass, silver wire and a lot of creativity – and a good marketing strategy. The Camiguin creatives chose to sell their jewels only in a few resorts. They also sell their bijoux with a nicely designed presentation packet.

Seaglass from CamiguinPhotos courtesy of Sea Glass Camiguin

This creative business gives nice jobs with a nice income at rather low investment. It isn’t big business, but nice business – natural business.

A similar project

In Donsol, Sorsogon province, a Swiss business coach tries to help local people to build their own small business. The project is called “e-startUP® – educate, evolve, emerge” One of his first students was Evelyn. In the region of active volcanoes, Evelyn started to produce lava ear rings. The marketing concept had been similar to the one in Camiguin. But unfortunately this start-up encountered multiple problems.

Donsol Lava Bijoux Photos courtesy of e-startUp

First they had big problems to find quality silver wire. The local one had been made of recycled coins. The next possible supplier seems to be in Manila – 600km to travel. The second problem had been the lava stones from Mayon volcano. The lava stones broke to easily. New, much denser lava was almost impossible to drill a whole in. This project has stalled but could be revived, if they can resolve the hardware and shop problems. Interested? Read Jürg’s blog in German language.


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