Sunny Philippines

Weather Philippines on 2014-04-24

Sunny Philippines – the sun is shining everywhere. The Low Pressure Area LPA 89W reported earlier this week did evaporate.

The sun shines even under water. Currently the waters around Camiguin island are extremely clear and the bright sun light goes down several meters. Please be careful when snorkeling. Your back and upper legs get all the sun. Please wear a T-shirt or even long sleeves and knee-length shorts. Forget so called “waterproof” sunscreens. They either do not resist the sea-water or they contain chemicals that are no healthy for your skin.

Weather Philippines on 2014-04-24
There are no ugly clouds approaching the Philippines in the next 48 hours or even more.
On our 24 hours satellite image loops one can see cumulus clouds growing over the islands. This is a normal and daily development during the summer months.

Warm and humid air is flowing over the ocean’s surface. Approaching an island, this air has to climb up so it can flow over the mountains. Climbing up, the air is cooling by about 0.6 – 1.0°C every 100 meters. Cold air can carry less humidity than warm air. The humidity condenses into small droplets and form clouds. This clouds are called cumulus clouds.

Weather Philippines on 2014-04-24
Have a nice and sunny day!


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