Bad Roads in Panay

I just took a bus from Tangalan to Iloilo. The roads in central Panay are in an awful state. 

The bus needed some 5 hours. (OK, we stopped in Kalibo, because the crew was hungry and at Dean’s Restaurant, mid-way, where you can get your bowl of rice).

There were more holes than road. Around Passi you look for your seat-belts – there are no seat belts.

ADVICE: if you have to do go from Caticlan to Iloilo, change the bus at Nabas and follow the Antique side of Panay. Your back will say:” SALAMAT-PO”. Hello

At the CERES west-terminal in Iloilo, the taxi- driver asked for PHP 200 to the Amigo-Terrace Hotel. I asked him to put on the meter. He did!!! And we arrived at the hotel at less then 100 pesos!

Read more about bus journeys and taxis hereLink

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