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Severe Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang 0

Severe Tropical Storm will hit Samar today

Severe Tropical Storm MEKKHALA/Amang will make landfall this afternoon in southern Samar. The cyclone has now almost typhoon wind speeds. Only 9 km/h more and it becomes a Typhoon Category 1. The central pressure of the...

Weather 2014-11-01 0

Severe Tropical Storm NURI / Paeng

Severe Tropical Storm NURI / Paeng is intensifying rapidly while turning northwest to north. The satellite clearly show the begin of the spinning winds. NURI / Paeng is expected to get typhoon strength around 3 a.m. tonight....

Weather 2013-08-19 0

A strange guy of storm and strong Habagat

Northwest Pacific isn’t friendly at this moment. Off the north of the Philippines a Tropical Storm called TRAMI / Maring runs on a strange track and is amplifying the south-west monsoon also known as Habagat....

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