Tropical Storm NURI / Paeng

Weather 2014-11-01

Tropical Storm NURI / Paeng is getting stronger. The storm is now within PAR and moving west to northwest. In the next 24 hours Tropical Storm NURI / Paeng will increase in strength and move more northwards.

Early tomorrow, Sunday, morning Tropical Storm NURI / Paeng will become a typhoon. The storm will continue to increase in strength when moving north.

Weather 2014-11-01
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This storm system will influence the weather in the Philippines in the coming days. Although the storm will not cross over the Philippine Islands, it will bring cloudy condition, sometimes gusty winds and scattered rains.

NURI/Paeng  Storm data:

Name (INTL. / local): NURI / Paeng 
Class: Tropical Storm
Time/Date of observation: 05:40 AM on November 1, 2014
Location of Center: 13.1º North 134.1º East
Moving Direction and Speed: West-Northwest @ 15 km/h
Moving towards: North Luzon
Distance from the Philippines: 1440 km E of Manila
Estimated Date / Time of Landfall: n/a
Max. Wind Speed near Center: 72 km/h
Peak Wind Gusts: 108 km/h
Minimum Central Pressure: 992 hPa
Diameter: n/a
24h Rainfall near Center: n/a
Max. Wave Height: 6 m
Here you find how to read and understand this data 

 Nearly real-time storm information

We keep an eye on this storm and will inform twice daily around 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (Philippines Standard Time).

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