UBER Philippines

UBER Philippines

UBER Philippines – Uber, the San Francisco based Uber Technologies, operator of a wildly popular smartphone application that connects drivers and passengers, is keen on expanding its presence in the Philippines. 

Sorry, I can’t believe. Driving a taxi or being a customer of a taxi in the Philippines is an adventure. We wrote about taxis and taxi drivers already some years ago. Here is the updated information.

Because of the Philippines “Pare-Style” Jurisdiction neither the taxi drivers nor their customers are safe. What can a taxi driver do, if a customer cheats, runs away or menaces? Nothing! What can a taxi-driver do, when his boss doesn’t pay? Nothing!

The customer’s side isn’t better. Once in the taxi, you have to trust the guy driving the car.

And now – UBER Philippines

On their website they offer:
UBER Philippines

We compared UBER Philippines with the standard taxi fares in Manila. As test run we chose a trip from Manila International Airport NAIA to the bus terminal in Cubao. UBER Philippines automatically translated NAIA into NAIA terminal 3. If you need a trip from terminal 1 or 2, then you should explicitly enter NAIA-1 or NAIA-2.

UBER Philippines UBER Philippines

The calculated taxi trip costs a bit more.

UBER Philippines UBER Philippines

We think that Uber Philippines indicates too low fares. Only a real test could prove the difference. Uber Philippines Regional Manager Michael Brown says the price of an Uber is about 1.25 times the cost of a taxi but that’s a conservative estimate. Expect your Uber ride to cost up to 2 times of what you’d normally pay for a cab ride and about 1.3 times the cost of app-based taxi booking services like GrabTaxi and Easy Taxi.

Uber Philippines, which was formally launched in the Philippines last a year ago, likes to stress that it is not a transportation company but a platform that allows passengers to link up with drivers of private vehicles looking to make extra cash.


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3 Responses

  1. Sigmund says:

    Using Uber in Metro Manila since several months, rarely is Uber more expensive then a Taxi, and it is 100 times more convenient and safe. Manila Taxis often smell, are dirty, and dangerous. With Uber, i can get out of the car when arrived, no need for endless story why the driver has no change, since it is entirely cashless. Cars are new, and as far as my experience of far over 200 trips goes, clean.

    I tried Grab Car for comparison, it may be a good Option if the traffic is entirely locked down as it has fixed rates based on distance with no time component. However, it is more expensive usually and you still have to pay cash.

    Bottom Line screw Manilas Taxi Crooks.

  2. rhani malinao says:

    Inquiring fare taxi from Meycauayan Bulacan to Ortigas and a taxi fare for Meycauayan Bulacan to NAIA Terminal 3

  3. markty says:

    Good day. Is Uber available in NAIA Terminal 3? Thanks

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