Camiguin – the Sunbirds are nesting

Sunbird - Aethopyga pulcherrima

Camiguin – the Sunbirds are nesting everywhere. In our garden at least 6 couples are nesting. These beautiful little birds fly from one hibiscus to the other to collect nectar. They enjoy us with their songs.

It is a real pleasure to live in Camiguin when you like nature. Just at this moment, while writing this article, a Kingfisher landed on my desk on the veranda. In the background I hear the voices of the Sunbirds. Do you want to listen to them? Click on the play arrow below.

The Sunbirds here in Camiguin are of the species Metallic-winged Sunbird or Aethopyga pulcherrima. They are rather small, maybe 1.5″ – 2″ high. The couples build astonishing nests anywhere where the can hang their structures. The birds collect grass, straw and other light weight construction material. We often see stripes of colored plastics woven in the structure. All these ingredients are glued together with a kind of saliva.


The couple usually breeds two eggs each season. The eggs are about 10 to 12 mm large and of olive-grey color.


Last year in April, these youngster had some difficulties when learning flying. He made a crash-landing on our veranda and chirped pitifully. We helped the junior aviator to recover. After maybe 30 minutes he got back the strength and took off. Maybe he is one of those birds now building nests all around our house.

Sunbirds Sunbirds

And the best of all: The Sunbirds announce the end of the grey and rainy winter weather. Let the sunshine in!


Title picture by Frédéric Pelsy,
Nest picture by Catherine Wentworth,
Feeding picture by Lavanya Prakash, mynatureexperiences
Youngster by Ierene Cortez,

Sound: recorded by Pamela C. Rasmussen, AVoCet



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