Update – The Philippines Ferry Database

Philippines Ferry Database

The Philippines Ferry Database is just two days old and is discussed in many places. We also got some feedback and the first corrections.

Less than 24 hours after publishing the database, we got the first corrective feedback. Michael informed us that Delta ferries in Siquijor do not exist anymore. He provided us with useful information about new routes and a new ferry company.

Sam from Camarines Sur asked if we could add the schedules and tariffs to our database. This is simply impossible. While the big ferry companies publish rather up to date schedules and tariff information on their websites, the small companies simply nail a flyer somewhere in the port.

Ferry Schedule

Where is the Philippines Ferry Database?

This had been another question asked by John. The database is deep inside our server. You can only see the database query results. These results are displayed either in the map on the Shipping page or in the company information on the same page. Another query result is displayed on our Ports page. If you click on a ship’s name, a photo will pop up from the database. In the near future we’ll put a query form on-line, where you can retrieve more information. The concept is already on our scratch-pad, but it needs some more programming and more useful data. We’ll inform you.

A Community Project

‘Jawny’ of the “Living in Cebu Forums” wrote: ‘(…)  I noticed right away that the Ormoc city ferry listing is not complete. Not surprising with the thousands of routes and operators.’
‘Shadow’ of the same forum wrote: ‘It would be a full time job just to keep a list like this updated. One would have to have eyes everywhere with the ever-changing schedules…’

This is why we introduced today the ERROR button:

Ferry Database Error Button

Hit the button to report anything missing or wrong. A short form pops up and you can fill in what you know. There are no mandatory fields. Only spam and SQL injection are filtered. If we can verify your information, it will flow directly into the database.
‘Shadow’ saw it right, one needs to have eyes everywhere. You are our eyes. Any feedback about an error or an  additional ferry or route helps the traveller community.

Spread the word!

Silent Gardens is a non-profit website. The ads on the pages cover our hosting costs and pay the cold SMB in the evening 😆  Spread the word and you will get better and more up to date information in the future.  The Philippines Ferry Database is your tool. Shape and sharpen your tool. Cheers!


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