Low Cost Carriers’ Surprises

Cebu Pacific Kuweit Promo

Low Cost Carriers offer extremely cheap flights  – and some surprises. But why can’t they offer clear and transparent fares? 

A sample: Today Cebu Pacific Air offers promo flights from Manila to Kuwait for 1 Peso only. I exceptionally write in red color to distinguish my text from the airline’s text.

Cebu Pacific Kuweit Promo

I mock-booked such a flight today. Here you find the real fare with all add-ons, fees and surcharges.

Travelling only with a 7 kilogram hand-carry is a bit small for a one month’s stay
I might get a bit hungry during the 10 hours trip. So I ordered some food. I do not show the pictures. I don’t like to kill your appetite.
MNL-KWI Add-on 1
With food and luggage you have to add 5,380 Pesos.

By default your standard seat costs PHP 250. You have to remove the seat if you want to get the 250 Pesos back. and if you have long legs, your front-row or emergency-exit seat costs PHP 1,500. Be aware that at the emergency-exits you cannot incline the backrest of your seat.
Well, another 500 Pesos spent.

The total fare MNL-KWI-MNL will be PHP 17,034.23


I cut the red color now.  😎

PHP 8517,12 per flight is still extremely cheap. Why can’t they offer the flights as “from PHP 8,000 only”? So the average Pinoy has an idea whether he can visit his OFW aunty in Kuweit City or if she still has to work for his ticket.

The worst item is the TAXES & FEES. All these taxes and fees are known. They are absolutely independent of your choices like seats, baggage or meals. Why don’t they include them already in the initial offer?

I do not slap Cebu Pacific Air. All the other airlines in the Philippines play the same silly game.


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