Water Troubles hit Camiguin – too much vs. not enough

Ardent Hot Springs

Water Troubles hit Camiguin. The waterfalls are thundering, the hills are sliding and ardent hot spring is almost dry.

While Cagayan de Oro is inundated by flash floods, the island of Camiguin encounters very specific problems with the week long rainfalls.

Katibawasan Falls Water Troubles

The Katibawasan falls are one of the tourist highlights of Camiguin. During the hot summer months the micro-climate around the waterfall is a heaven of freshness and attracts hundreds of people each day. But now the waterfall became a dangerous thundering monster.

Water Troubles - Katibawasan Falls Water Troubles - Katibawasan Falls
Normal status in spring 2016 Thunder status in January 2017
Water Troubles - Katibawasan Falls Water Troubles - Katibawasan Falls

CAUTION: It is extremely dangerous to approach the Katibawasan falls at this moment.

Tuasan Falls Water Troubles

The Tuasan Falls also carry big masses of water. Because of the permanent landslides caused by the road construction, it is very difficult to go up to this waterfall. The right picture below shows the giant masses of rocks, stones, sand and volcanic ashes that menace the road. They not only menace, there are daily landslides covering the road anew. You can enlarge all the pictures by clicking on them.

Tuasan Falls Tuasan Falls
Photo taken in November 2016 One feels so small when standing aside

The right photo shows Gwenn Dunn on the trans island road.

DANGER: Do not go up to the Tuasan Falls now. The hills on the road side can slide at any moment. You won’t be able to escape!

Ardent Hot Spring

The famous Ardent Hot Spring have already been dry since the drought of early 2016.  Since then the basins are almost empty and the water is cold. The reasons for the lack of hot water and any water might be due to geological movements during the dry spill last year. The dried underground water conducts have probably been shut by the mountains pressure on the empty conducts. We do not know of any official analysis.

Ardent Hot Springs Ardent Hot Springs
Ardent Hot Spring Ardent Hot Spring

The upper row of pictures shows the current state. The lower row serves as illustration of the normal status encountered before the 2016 drought.

Meanwhile in Cagayan de Oro

The situation in the center of Cagayan de Oro is still chaotic. The waters are slowly receding but roads around Limketkai Center are still flooded. All school classes are cancelled. See also here.


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