Cagayan de Oro Airport moves this Saturday

Can you see the runway?

The launch of operations in Laguindingan Airport was pushed back from April 30 after the airlines requested that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines postpone the transfer in order to not inconvenience peak season travelers.

As by June 15, 2013 Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Philippine Airlines, and Zest Air will operate from Laguindingan Airport.

According to the Department of Transportation and Communications, the consensus from CAAP, airlines, and aviation experts is that even with the use of VFR alone, Laguindingan Airport is already a safer airport than Lumbia. This is apparently because the location of Laguindingan Airport reduces threats of weather conditions posed at the location of the old airport.

The intention is for CAAP to temporarily operate the airport under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) until an Instrument Landing System can be installed by May 2014.

Can you see the runway?

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3 Responses

  1. Juanpedro Kobelt says:

    Sounds like a joke !? The Guys in the Tower are operating with a Megaphon? Runway-lights with flat-Tanduay-bottles and Kerosin? Really High-Tech. Congrats

    Good only, that i`m not taking a flight !

  2. waebi says:

    Yeah, really sounds like a joke. We’ll count the number of flights that will be diverted to Butuan or even Davao because the pilots cannot see the runway in Laguin@#°#°§¬!!!

    I bet that during some days one will fly by bangka from CEB to CGY.

  1. June 12, 2013

    […] We wrote earlier today: Cagayan de Oro Airport moves this Saturday […]

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