Laguindingan Airport: We’ll have an eye on the performance

MNL-CGY 2013-06-12 flight stats

We wrote earlier today: Cagayan de Oro Airport moves this Saturday

We do not believe that the 4 airlines Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Philippine Airlines, and Zest Air will be able to keep their schedules.

Flying under VFR a little Cessna 172 on a sunny day is one thing, bringing an Airbus A-320 safe to its destination under 5 layers of clouds is another thing. Try to hit the end of a concrete stripe of 6,900 x 148 ft (2,103 x 45 m) at a speed of 140 knots.

The only possibility for the next 12 months will be to use the Lumbia CGO VOR/DME. Good luck!

Anyway, we will have a look at the flight status of the Cebu Pacific flights.

Today’s stats look good:
MNL-CGY 2013-06-12 flight stats

The above stats are a bit funny. Current time is 03:47 p.m. on 2013-06-12 and they already indicate that 5J-389 has arrived at 16:28 p.m. with 3 minutes delay. 

How does one call this? Back to the future?

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2 Responses

  1. The information of the flight status of 5J-389 on June12 might be correct. 16:28 is listed under ETA/ATA in the same column. ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival, ATA = Actual Time of Arrival, SMART…

    • waebi says:

      What astonishes is the fact that ATA is 16:28, but the time when we checked the status had been 15:47.
      We would not have been wondering if ATD had been earlier than STD. This happens often in the Philippines.

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