News from Laguindingan Airport (CGY)

Yes, we are on the right road to the Airport

In the last weeks weather got better in the southern Philippines. The airlines (except Pest Air) showed no more cancellations from and to Laguindingan Airport (CGY) near Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

Being in Cagayan de Oro we had the idea to visit the airport and draw an up to date picture. We drove with our own car from the very center of Cagayan de Oro, from the Divisoria to the airport.

Driving to Opol had been good as usual. The “Pier Seafood Restaurants” looked quiet inviting, but we had to go to Laguindingan. At Alubijid I saw a street sign displaying “AIRPORT – light vehicles“. Why not? My Toyota Innova isn’t a heavy truck, I thought.


That’s not a road but a “Paris-Dakar Rally Training Camp”! Here it is:

Yes, we are on the right road to the Airport

Yes, we are on the right road to the Airport
Does this track go to Dakar?Does this track go to Dakar?
Gloriously we arrived at the new CGYGloriously we arrived at the new CGY airport.
We then found that there is a real 4 lane highway going to Laguindingan Airport (read later). 

I don’t trust those guys!

I don't trust these guys
This sign shows on the top (hand written): Flagfall PHP 40, Succeding PHP 3.50. Succeding what? Usually it’s 300 meters in the Philippines. From the airport to the center of Cagayan de Oro it is 36 kilometers. This means 36/0.3×3.40 + 40 Pisos = PHP 448. The amount on the base of the sign corresponds: PHP 450.00

That would be correct, but there is plenty of paid waiting time. I needed 1 hour 30 for the 36 kilometers from the airport to downtown Cagayan de Oro. 

Remembering the fares from old Lumbia, I have the bad feeling that there is somewhere a hidden dirty trick I do not yet know. Maybe?

The vans are cheaperThe vans are cheaper.
The vans from CGY airport to downtown Cagayan de Oro cost from 130 to 170 Pesos per passenger. But vans only depart when they are full. If you need a fast transfer, then the fare of the missing passengers up to “complete” is asked to be paid by the passengers on board. In Cagayan you are dropped either at the Centrio Mall or at the Agora Bus Station.

The new airport access road to CGY

This is the new airport access road to Laguindingan Airport (CGY) near Cagayan de Oro. The first 5 kilometers up to the National Highway are an excellent 4 lane highway. All the roads and parking spaces around the airport are outstanding. So please, do not take the shortcut in Alubijid as I did. The National Highway to Opol and Cagayan will need another 12 to 18 months to be at least 3 lanes. And  then? Pedicabs, Motorelas and Jeepneys? But that’s the Philippines. Sometimes it’s even more fun.

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