Camiguin Island Adventure

Zip Line Taguines Lagoon in Benoni, Camiguin

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  1. hanspeter kobelt says:

    hi ierene and rene

    congrats to your description and regards to your hummer. we think, that he will remember us.

    we wish you many happy trips with your guest`s and the hummer-unicate.

    beautyful-cooking ierene; perfekt singing driver rene; hard-sounding hummerengine…..what else you need….

    hampi and thata from the other side of the ocean; bohol

  2. waebi says:

    Dear Hampi, Dear Thata,
    It is still your Hummer. The T&H (Thata and Hampi) will never be removed. We had too many funny trips together on Loboc River, with the Tarsiers and on the Chocolate Hills.

    The Hummer is funny as hell and the driver, mechanic and guide is smiling from under the hood. He and the cook and hostess are so fucking happy.

    Our thanks go to Panglao, to Hampi and Thata.
    Hope to see you guys this year. What about a free Hummer Trip in Camiguin and some days on our beach.

    Warm regards to you
    Rene & Ierene

  3. I’m always wanted to go to Camiguin but it always postponed. I wish I be here this coming April.

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