A new artificial reef for Boracay

Reefbuds Installation

The coral reefs around Boracay had been destroyed by unregulated fishing and boating activities. Fishermen used dynamite and cyanide to catch fish easily. The explosions and the poison destroyed the coral reefs.  Boats damaged the corals when they did drop and drag their anchors.

Begin of February 2012 the Sangkalikasan cooperative started the placing of 5,000 “reefbuds” in a two-kilometer stretch parallel to Boracay’s shoreline.

Reefbuds Installation
“Reefbuds” positioning similar to those in Boracay.

After many, many years the result may look as this. The hollow pyramid-shaped reefbud, which measures 1.2 meters by 1.2 m and weighs around 450-600 kilograms, is made from a mixture of organic and inorganic materials. They are said to enhance the production of algae, which serves as fish food. Their hollow shape also serves as fish spawning ground.

Arificial Reef

The idea is good. But it had been much better to prevent than to repair. An artificial reef can never compete with a naturally grown coral reef.

Coral Reef

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  1. Philippines Travel Fan says:

    I love the Philippines and Boracay as a tropical destination, warm and sunny all year. The people are also very warm and friendly!

  2. The local government should do something about this kind of problem because we all know that Boracay island is one of our top tourist spot here in the Philippines.

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