Camiguin (not yet) international airport ;-)

Coffee Shop in Camiguin Airport

Camiguin again shows how a healthy development of infrastructure should be done. A coffe shop opened in the small airport.

Since April 15 this year Camiguin has 4 weekly flights from and to Cebu. The planes (ATR-72) are not always full but 50 to 70% of the seats are occupied.

Passengers are requested to be at the airport at least one hour before departure. This means that they actually have to be at the airport before the plane leaves Cebu-Mactan.

And then? Security check passed, check-in done, luggage given in good hands. And now a fine, hot coffee…

Coffee Shop in Camiguin Airport

It became true! And the coffee shop not only offers coffee. But check yourself next time in Camiguin

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1 Response

  1. Phil says:

    …unfortunately inside for passengers only….what about people waiting for the plane to arrive or to take off…?
    But a great progress, anyway!

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