The Camiguin Panaad 2012 has already begun

Via Cruzis in Camiguin

Every year ten thousands of religious believers and tourists come to Camiguin for the Holly week. One of the highlights is the Panaad.

The Panaad (penitence) consists in hiking around the island (64.4 kilometers). The hardliners carry a heavy cross with them. And the hardest believers go up the via-cruzis on their knees.

Via Cruzis in Camiguin

The usual Panaad is done during the night of Thursday to Friday. The road around the island is then full of suffering creatures. We’ll post pictures of tomorrow night.

But already today, Wednesday, we encountered already groups of penitents on the highway, when we went to Mambajao for a last, fast shopping.

Read more about the Camiguin Panaad tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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