Cebu Pacific Air- get crazy or UFN

Cebu Pacific Air ATR-72-500

Cebu Pacific Air published their new schedules. Want to get crazy with 5 plus schedules for the same flight? Cebu Pacific Air offers to get mad at 1 Peso! 

Black Friday – forget! Cebu Pacific Air just published their schedules for Christmas. You won’t believe. The same 5J flight number offers up to 5 different days and times for flying. You really have to read their document if you want to know when you are flying.

Cebu Pacific Air Schedules

Visitors of Negros are strongly advised to check their plans. Cebu Pacific Air might fly, or they may not fly. 5 flights per day, but not every day. Be careful when booking.

The new Philippines’ LCC schedule is now fully “UFM” meaning  “U fly maybe”.

The new schedules of Cebu Pacific Air are here.


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