Mega Banana in Camiguin – world record

Camiguin Banana

Mega Banana is growing in Nasaag (Camiguin, where else…).  At the Volcan Beach Resort a banana risks to beat the world record. Confirmation from Guinness is expected.

Camiguin Banana

473 Bananas on one plant in El Hiero, Gran Canaria is the current record. We’re sure, Camiguin will beat any record. Cheers to Sabine Fien and Gabriel Petri.

Go to Volcan Beach Resort and eat a banana. Bon appetit.  😀

Bananas constitute a major staple food crop for millions of people in the Philippines. In most tropical countries, green (unripe) bananas used for cooking represent the main cultivars. Bananas are cooked in ways that are similar to potatoes. Both can be fried, boiled, baked, or chipped and have similar taste and texture when served. One banana provides about the same calories as one potato. Go to Volcan Beach Resort and eat a fresh banana.



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