First Michelin Star for Street Food Vendor

Michelin Star

A Michelin star is one of the greatest culinary distinctions that a restaurant can earn.

For more than a century, these awards have been published as a series of guidebooks that recognize outstanding food experiences. Often, these places are the epitome of fine dining, but one chef proves that’s not always the case—Chan Hong Meng, a street food vendor in Singapore, was a recent recipient of this high honor. His restaurant is a humble stall located in a large, open-air food court that has people in line before he’s even ready to serve.

The signature meal at Meng’s establishment is chicken slathered in a Hong Kong-style soy sauce. At just $1.50, it has gained a beloved reputation over the 35 years he’s cooked—and it’s now the cheapest Michelin-starred dish in the world!

See it yourself …

There are two most recognized restaurant guides in the world: The “Guide Michelin” and the “Gault & Millau”. Both have their origins in France. The Guide Michelin attributes 1 to 3 stars. The Gault Millau rates on a scale of 1 to 20, with 20 highest.

Having a Michelin Star means “A very good restaurant in its category” (Une très bonne table dans sa catégorie).

The Silent Gardens team is known for it’s love for excellent cuisine. Today Butch, our chef, surprised us with an oven roasted pork loin on a bouquet of local vegetables and french fries. The home made roasted pepper cream sauce made of this lunch a stairway to heaven…

Butch is ready for a Michelin Star


Quality! The magic word is quality. Quality isn’t a question of money. Quality is a question of love! Love for the business, love for the ingredients, love for the customer and … (no, this is private!). Quality sells! A happy customer with a belly full of enjoyable memories will invite others and tell others.

Just two local stories:

Naga City: Peri Happy

Peri Happy is a very small restaurant in Naga City. Their specialty are also chicken – wonderful chicken. It is all so simple: You come, chose, order and sit down. These are the very best chicken I ever ate in my life. Peri Happy is not easy to find. They are hidden at Solid Street, Dayangdang, 4400 Naga City. They have a facebook page. For 95 Pesos you get the best chicken quarter in the Philippines. Thanks to Kiko and Gigi for revealing this secret to us.

Michelin Star - Peri Happy

Camiguin Island: Casa Roca Inn

The Casa Roca Inn on the cliffs in Naasag, Camiguin Island, is not just an inn. Casa Roca is an institution. Jim and especially Evelyn serve surprises from all over the world. They add their own local note to their tasty compositions. If Butch wasn’t such a good chef, I’d eat almost every day at Casa Roca. Casa Roca do have their own website. My very private recommendation: Try anything prepared with Evelyn’s wonderful tomato coulis.

Michelin Star - Casa Rocca Inn

I leave you for today, I’ve written a lot. But before I leave you I wish a heartily “Bon appetit”


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