Full Moon over Camiguin – all expectations exceeded

Full Moon over Camiguin

Full Moon over Camiguin – we were excited all day and when the sun set, nature here in Camiguin struck us with a show, you only see once in your life.

To many words already. See and dream of Camiguin Island. The pictures had been taken from 05:15 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. on Agoho Beach in Camiguin. Agoho Beach is the home of Silent Gardens.

Full Moon over Camiguin

Full Moon over Camiguin
This we are used. Our Talisay tree hanging into the colored sky over the Bohol sea.

Full Moon over Camiguin
The western horizon was as colored as we expected.
Full Moon over Camiguin
But where is the moon? We knew that it would rise at 05:14 p.m. at about 77° ENE. So somewhere around this coconut trees it should rise.

Full Moon over Camiguin
Heading towards Bahai sa Baibai, we looked back and there it was. The largest full moon ever seen. We desperately wait for the pictures of Arno – still in the wrong direction at this time.

Full Moon over Camiguin
The cumulus clouds over Surigao still ate a bit of “our” full moon.

Full Moon over Camiguin
FULL !  What a wonderful place to live. Sharing this outstanding evening on the beach with neighbors and friends is what we love here in the Philippines.

Full Moon over Camiguin
The moon in the east competed with the last lights of the sun in the west. The clouds still reflect the last sun-rays.
Full Moon over Camiguin
The fishermen checked their nets in the fading lights. Tonight they do not go out to the sea. The light of the full moon is much too much attracting the fishes.
  Full Moon over Camiguin
No, this isn’t the sun. It’s the moon over culumus clouds over over Bohol Island. The moon light is so bright, we can read a newspaper. You bet?
Full Moon over Camiguin
Home sweet home. This is our living room just now. The only artificial light are the two LED lamps (green and blue) from our LAN repeater and our door bell. The bright moon shines into our place.
We’d like to thank the owners of Balai sa Baibai for their excellent Chardonnay. Cheers neighbor.
No television tonight, but sleeping on the roof and watching the moon.

We wish you a wonderful night.


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