Good News – Tropical Storm PHANFONE/Ursula gets weaker

Tropical Storm PHANFONE/Ursula

Tropical Storm PHANFONE/Ursula had been menacing the Philippines now for several days. The good news are that this storm is getting weaker. Currently it has a pressure of 998 hPa. 

Why not good news?

The social medias are always full of bad news. When there is a low pressure are (LPA) east of the Philippines, all chancels are full of warnings. Of course it is good to warn early enough, but someones use the news to create clickbait headlines.

We also observed the development of Tropical Storm PHANFONE/Ursula. The begin of the observation had been rather bad for the southern Philippines. We feared the worst for Mindanao’s people already badly shaken by  earthqukes and recent bomb attacks.

Fortunately PHANFONE/Ursula weakened from a forecast Typhoon Cat. 1 or 2 down to a Tropical Storm or even a Tropical Depression. The presumed track also moved more northward than expected. Now the storm will move through the Visayas.Tropical Storm PHANFONE/UrsulaMap from JMA – the Japan Meteorological Agency

As usual – wind and rain

As usual we rely on the Japanese weather forecast provided by JMA. The storm will first touch Samar and then probably touch the south of Masbate and the north of Panay. But a track with over land is not easy to predict.

The storm will have wind speeds of about 40 to 60 kts  (75 to 110 km/h). This is still stiff but not dangerous if you stay inside. Especially Panay will have to expect rather strong rainfalls. 

I wrote “As usual“. Remember, before the two last exceptional years, the Visayas and the southern Philippines experienced rather rainy weather around Christmas and New Year. 

And please observe!

If you are living in an area not covered by clouds on December 26, then you can experience an annular solar eclipse. It won’t be a total eclipse nowhere. There will always be a glaring ring around the moon. Why? The moon is too far from earth at this time.
Annular Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019

CAUTION: If you do not have Eclipse Sunglasses from the last event, DO NOT WATCH!

There will be still too much sunlight for your eyes. You may get serious injuries or even get blind. You rather observe nature around you and listen to the birds. A short glimpse of half a second can be admitted, but please do not more. 

We wish you Merry Christmas.
The Team of Silent-Gardens


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