Revised traffic violation fines

Could get expensive: Habal-Habal

Revised traffic violation fines takes effect today, June 19. Motorists and drivers especially in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, beware. The Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) implements today, June 19, the new traffic violation penalties in accordance with the Joint Administrative Order 01-2014.

Revised traffic violation fines

The whole document is available here:  DOTC joint ao no. 2014-01 See also our Rent-A-Car page.

Some spicy samples:

PHP 3,000 
(up from PHP 1,000)

This includes driving with an expired, revoked, suspended, inappropriate driver’s license restriction code, inappropriate driver’s license classification, fake driver’s license, tourist driving a motor vehicle with a valid foreign driver’s license beyond the 90-day maximum allowable period and a student driver driving without being accompanied by a duly licensed driver.
In addition, the unlicensed or improperly licensed driver shall be disqualified from being granted a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle for a period of one (1) year from the payment of the fine.

RECKLESS DRIVING First offense PHP 2,000 | Second offense – PHP 3,000 | Subsequent offense – PHP 10,000

No person shall operate a motor vehicle on any highway recklessly or without reasonable caution considering the width, traffic, grades, crossing, curvatures, visibility and other conditions of the highway and the conditions of the atmosphere and weather, or so to endanger the property of the safety or rights of any person or so as to cause excessive or unreasonable damage to the highway. This includes driving an unregistered vehicle.


For Public Utility Vehicles, failure to post For Public Utility Vehicles, both appropriate signages instructing front seat the driver and the operator are passengers to wear seatbelts when inside the liable to pay a fine of PHP 3,000.00 vehicle, f0r every violation.


Wearing a helmet with a fake Philippine standard (PS) or Import Commodity Clearance (IIC) sticker shall be tantamount to riding a moving motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

All people are equal, but some people are more equal.
Police and LTO agents show how to drive …

Could get expensive: Habal-Habal They may be exempt - Ifugao
Could get expensive: Habal-Habal They may be exempt – Ifugao

There are many more, see here. Revised traffic violation fines: DOTC joint ao no. 2014-01

Post scriptum:  the Flesch Reading Ease test, that measures the readability of a text, considers these law texts as very difficult to read (score = 14.1)

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8 Responses

  1. grace ann gumba says:

    I think LTO has a lot to improve. First, about the student licence, they must give seminar for those who are newly registered. what if, for those who already take their licence and started to drive into the city and they caught by the check point and Pay for their violation worth thousands pesos. It’s so unfair to pay thousand pesos for the new student registered, just because of they lack more info about driving made by the LTO.

  2. Mike9 says:

    I recently bought a motorcycle. I was advice by one of the staff a motortrade that i should apply my professional drivers licence for a resteicition 1 since i only have restricition 2. I really donr get why the fuck do i have to apply for a restriction 1 when its clearly stated in our drivers licence that drivers with restriction 2 That DRIVERS WITH RESTRICTION 2 CAN DRIVE UP TO 4500 VEHICLE. ano ba weight ng motorcycle. You should do something about this LTO sayang lang ang binabayad namin sa taxes. Please do something about this.matter thanks. Wag na makipag argue or debate pa alam naman natin lahat na kaaetehan lang to o dagdag bayad sa.mga applicant. Do something about it pag meetingan nyo ng 30Mins malalman niyo na tanga ang gumawa ng RESTRICTION coses na yan. Halatang gusto mag pa dagdag bayad aa mga applicants.

  3. waebi says:

    Driver’s license in the Philippines are one of three types, student permit, non-professional driver’s license, and professional driver’s license. The minimum age for driving in the Philippines is 18 years old provided that the driver has a student permit and is accompanied by a person with a valid driver’s license. An applicant can only apply for a non-professional driver’s license one month after acquiring a student permit and 6 months after for a professional driver’s license. An applicant must pass both the Land Transportation Office written exam and a driving exam. If the applicant fails the tests, he must wait for a month before being able to take the tests again.


    Restriction 1 – Motorcycles/Motorized Tricycles
    Restriction 2 – Vehicle up to 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
    Restriction 3 – Vehicle above 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
    Restriction 4 – Automatic Clutch up to 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
    Restriction 5 – Automatic Clutch above 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
    Restriction 6 – Articulated Vehicle 1600 kg Gross Vehicle Weight & Below
    Restriction 7 – Articulated Vehicle 1601 kg up to 4500 kg Gross Vehicle Weight
    Restriction 8 – Articulated Vehicle 4501 kg & above Gross Vehicle Weight
    Note: Restrictions 1, 2, & 4 only apply to non-professional driver’s licenses.

  4. Klara Swift says:

    It is very important things that helmet is very helpful for riding bike on the street. This article is very helpful.

  5. Rene says:

    Saan magbabayad pag nahuli driving without license and ano penalties

  6. Erwin Magalang says:

    Great article and I like that you updated the traffic violation fines according to the revision of LTO. Nowadays, a lot of car owners don’t take this violation seriously due to some circumstances. However, all car owner should know the importance of following the regulations as this will benefit them in terms of finances and safety. Knowing the regulation as well as its fines upon violation will make the car owner knowledgeable of the consequences they need to pay. There’s a lot of things you can to avoid these penalties like making sure you have your license on hand. Good thing I found this blog which provides some reminders to avoid LTO penalties. You might want to check it, here’s the link:

    • waebi says:

      Hi Erwin,
      Thanks for your comment. Although what you write in your blog is common sense,
      I’d say that more than 50% of the vehicles and drivers on our roads are missing at least one of the three points.
      Have a nice day.
      Cheers, waebi

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