MIAA gives fire victims lost luggage

MIAA lost luggage

MIAA, the Manila International Airport Authority distributed lost luggage with expired retention time.

MIAA lost luggage

Fire victims of Islang Puting Bato in Tondo, Manila line up to receive donations from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) at their temporary shelter at Del Pan Sports Complex. The MIAA donated 63 boxes containing such assorted items as clothes, shoes, toiletries, pillows, kitchen wares and luggage as part of their corporate social responsibility. The donated items came from the airport lost and found section that already passed their retention time. 

[Editor’s comment:] A good idea, but I do not appreciate the declaration “as part of their corporate social responsibility”. These were not MIAA’s goods. MIAA did not invest one lousy centavo. They even had the advantage to empty their storage space.
But at least you know by now where your lost luggage went and that it made some people happy.  Wink And yes, it would be fine to know, how long MIAA keeps lost luggage…

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