M/V Catherine – update

M/V Catherine

Yesterday we informed you that a week ago, a yacht, the M/V Catherine, had been found its crew missing. One of our contacts in Palawan sent us an update at 07:30 a.m. PST.

Some corrections: Because the information is not from first hand witnesses it is of course hearsay. So as new information becomes available corrections are necessary.

1. The M/V Catherine was headed south toward Sabah NOT North.

2. The actual location is slightly south of Brgy Tagnato appox 220 km South of Puerto Princesa in Coral Bay . NOT Aborlan which is only 40 clicks from Puerto. Where this info came from I could not guess.

3. There were two bicycles on board and the couple were never seen separated, ever.

4. Coast Guard: The telephone call is unconfirmed by them. As of the 25th they were trying to track down the source of the report.

5. The Yacht is presently moored at Rio Tuba 5/4/14

If you have any idea of the whereabouts of the two occupants Stephan Okoveix and Henrike Diesen please contact Dr. Thomas Gerard.

Please find below the current position of M/V Catherine:

M/V Catherine

M/V Catherine


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