Rumbling North – Strong Earthquake with Aftershocks

Earthquakes 2016-06-10

Strong Earthquake in the North of the Philippines early this morning. PHIVOLCS reported very early a Magnitude 5.0 quake near Ambaguio (Nueva Viscaya).

Early this morning the map of the ten most recent earthquakes looked as this:

Strong Earthquake 2016-06-10The yellow marked earthquake is the initial one about 012km south and 85° west of Ambaguio in Nueva Viscaya. This earthquake of magnitude 5.0 was felt in most parts of northern Luzon. The yellow circle shows approximatively where the quake could be felt.

Reported intensities:
Intensity IV – Maddela and Aglipay, Quirino
Intensity III – Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya; Baguio City

The green circles are weak quakes from yesterday.

Later this morning PHIVOLCS published the data of the aftershocks. The map changed dramatically:

Earthquakes 2016-06-10The north was struck by 10 aftershocks until 8:14 a.m. The magnitudes of these  aftershocks were between M2.0 and M3.5

Here is an enlarged version of the region:

Earthquakes 2016-06-10

Fortunately no damages or fatalities were reported from this strong earthquake.

The dynamic and interactive maps shown above can be found here: Philippine Earthquakes

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