Nice to look at, lovely to hold …


Nice to look at, lovely to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold.

At Cebu pacific Air they should remember this often seen warning in porcelain shops.  Actually it reads a bit different at Cebu Pacific Air:

Nice to look at, lovely to hold, but if it breaks, consider them cold.

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Actual SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) as described in the Standard Flight Operating Manuals dictates after an emergency such as the one happened in Davao last Sunday evening, the aircraft has to be evacuated immediately. Cabin attendants are trained to evacuate the aircraft within 90 seconds. Eye witnesses of the Davao flight say that first evacuation started about 15 minutes after the aircraft came to a complete stop. 

CAAP states clearly in their AC 08-014: STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES

Cabin crew briefings should prioritize all relevant conditions that exist for the departure. They should include, but not be limited to:
1) Assignment of take-off/landing positions;
2) Review of emergency equipment;
3) Passengers requiring special attention;
4) The silent review process;
5) Review of applicable emergencies;
6) Security or service-related topics that may impact on passenger or crew safety; 
7) Any additional information provided by the operator, including review of new procedures, equipment and systems.

The entire document is here AC 08-014 Standard Ops Procedures_CAAP [A]2011

The Cebu Pacific Air “SOPs” are not available on-line, but you may be interested to read this manual of Hainan Airlines Link

Maybe you also want to read this: My Cebu Pacific near-death experience Link

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