Nice weather – go for a stroll

Black Forest

Nice and sunny weather over the Philippines. There are some clouds around Yap and Palau. They aren’t dangerous and may only bring some sparse clouds and a bit of rain to the eastern Visayas.

On Wednesday, some newspapers already announced a Low Pressure Area (LPA) moving towards the Philippines. This hadn’t been a hoax but a sample how people here over-react. A cloudy zone and thy already shout “Typhoon”.

The satellite images (North-west Pacific)


Oups, we forgot the black background. Why paint it black when nice weather prevails?

Around the Philippines

Weather 2014-12-12-Sat1

Our eyes are over the Pacific ocean, where the weather kitchen continues to brew new surprises. Have a look!

Meanwhile weather is good for a stroll. Someones like it in the early morning at sunrise others prefer a glorious sunset. We did it under water at “Black Forest” in Camiguin off the coast of Agoho.

“Black Forest” in Camiguin

See you next Sunday A black deamon Colorful World Black Forest

All photos taken between 15-23 meters. Camera: Canon Powershot G-12 with Canon WP-DC34 case.


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